I am feeling bored, restless, unsure of how to go forward. It has beeh a very hard year. Situations seemed to arise in everry area of my life. I had some physical issues I am told have to do with being pre-menopausal. My husband seemed depressed and had a lot of hip pain, making him very grouchy at times. A family secret was put into the light and needed to be dealt with. A professional’s testing skills left a whole lot to be desired, and resulted in part of our family being torn from us. My job has had challenges. My 2 adult son’s lived with us, and used our living room for their bedroom.
Now, I do realize that my choices have not made this any easier, I do believe that I have done my best to make ammends and to encourage the family. We have come out of this better off in the long run. We are healthier, and it is a noticeable healthier all around. I am grateful to God for His guidance, grace, and mercy. Without Him, we would not be here today. I am tired, though. This is the Year of God’s Government. The year of restoration! I am looking forward to seeing Him show up, show off, and show out.

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