First day

The date was February 15th, 1962.  Loring AFB hospital, Limstone, Maine. A nine pound baby girl was born.  I don’t know all the details, since I was too young to notice, but the room was probably cold and bright.  A twenty eight year old woman welcomes her sixth child into the world.  The emotions of a new birth were, I believe, mixed with much more complicated feelings.  Maybe mixed in were uncertainty, fear, happiness, trepidation, regret?  Not the regret that you might think.  My birth, I have been told, was very much wanted.  At least in my mother’s eyes.  I was the child born from the first real love relationship in her life.  My father showed her the first real love she ever felt.  Sounds warm and beautiful?  I want it to be. 

The first man who sees me, my mother’s husband, is unsure who I belong to.  Him, or one of his best friends.  According to my mom, the statement was shared between the two men “One of us has a baby girl!”

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